Rapid changes in globalization and technology have speeded up our pace of life. This can take its toll on multiple aspects of our lives, for example our health, the climate and relationships.

The Slow Movement is a rising minority group and is not about moving in slow-motion or wanting to go back to a pre-industrial area. Slow Movers are all about mindfulness and wanting to find balance in determining one’s own tempo by deciding how fast you want to go in any given context.

Below you can view both full versions of the films seperately. 
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The Missing Time is an experimental film I made during my graduation at both the Willem the Kooning Academy and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The project is based on a thesis I wrote for EUR about how Slow Movers use culture, such as art, music and literature, in order to cope with the experience of accelerating time.

I got the opportunity to visually translate this thesis at the WDKA. To connect both projects, the film is based on the audio of the interviews I recorded with Slow Movers.  

The purpose of this film is to let the viewer experience two extreme perceptions of time, which exist at the same time. Therefore I made three short films. One highlights accelerating time and a second the opposite. In the third film, I combined both perspectives by bringing them into dialogue. Consequently, I hope to encourage the viewer to rethink their perception of time.


De Achtertuinn, Rotterdam