︎ A. Kers

How do we observe and interpret the things we see? And how does our education shape us into being specific observers?
Together with students from the Erasmus Medical Center and Willem de Kooning Academy, I developed an excursion at the Booijmans van Beuningen Museum for both medical and art students to learn about each others way of observing art. 

For both physicians and creatives viewing is an essential element of their daily practice. Medical students tend to learn about observing art to be able to observe their patients more carefully. When a doctor sees a patient a lot of his or her diagnosis is based on the observation of subtle signals and body language. In the practice of an artist or designer viewing is essential in translating the world around them into objects of art or design.

︎ Jasmijn van der Linden

We started the excursion with 3 lectures from an art historian, (exhibition) designer and doctor. All of them shared their perspective on the same painting: The Sick Child of Edvard Munch.

Afterwards, we went into the museum within groups to discuss the artworks whilst doing excercises. 

︎ Jasmijn van der Linden

Designs by Lotte Gerick, Gabija Bubnyte en Eveline van der Duim