SCORE in 7 steps:

SCORE is a concept I created together with fellow graphic designer Juliet Ulehake to make classical music more accessible for the younger audience. We collect personal data by inviting classical musicans as well as the audience to fill in a THIS or THAT questionnaire. This data will later be used for personal visual feedback loops which will be projected above the audience. It shows their personal data that reacts to their emotional intensity (GSR sensor) and focus (brainwave sensor). 

The graph above shows four stages of listening. The X-axis represents the brain wave sensor (focus) and the Y-axis represents the GSR sensor (emotional intensity). The more focussed the audience is, the less images will be shown and the movement of the images will be slower. 

In an ideal situation, the audience will be laying down and the musicians will be standing all across the room whilst playing classical music. Both of them wear sensors and their data translated into visuals will be projected above them. All these circles with different visuals and movements form a new image together, which will illustrate how listening experiences can vary from person to person. Both differences as well as similarities result in recognition and thus connection. 

Visual Essay (in Dutch)